Rules for Participating

Operating Rules

  1. Vendors may set up at their market sites up to two hours before, but no later than 30 minutes before the market opens.
  2. No products shall be sold before the market opens.
  3. Vendors must have their market sites dismantled, packed up, and cleaned within one hour of the market closure. It is vendor’s own responsibility to leave space clean including floors.
  4. Vendors may not breakdown before the market ends, even if have sold out of products. 
  5. The market manager will assign cleaning duties to vendors who must perform before leaving the market (including vacuuming, trash disposal, recycling removal, etc…). 
  6. All approved members must commit to and practice a regular schedule of attendance, if not for the entire market season, then for a predetermined period of time. A vendor must give 48 hour notice to the Market Manager if unable to attend a market day. Only two excused absences are allowed in the full market season. 
  7. It is vendor’s responsibility to make sure all market/table staff understand and comply with the market rules.

Vendor and Product Rules

  1. It is absolutely against the policy of the market for any member besides the CGM to purchase items and resell them at the market.
  2. Each vendor will be responsible for all equipment and supplies for the setup of their booth (table, scales, bags, signs, etc.) Vendors who provide samples and/or products that result in waste material (plates, cups) at the market shall provide accessible containers for such waste disposal and take all trash generated away with them. 
  3. All licenses, sales permits, sales tax information and other requirements for the sale of any item shall be the responsibility of the vendor. Each member is responsible for meeting all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations which affect local vendors. Members must carry their own insurance to cover them during the farmers’ markets (the insurance held by Coastal Growers does not protect individual vendors). 
  4. Copies of all required permits and documents must be provided to the Market Manager in the application process and upon their renewal. 
  5. Vendors must identify themselves by posting an easily read sign giving the name of the vendor’s business. 
  6. Sales shall be conducted in an orderly business manner. No shouting, hawking, or other objectionable means of soliciting shall be tolerated. Vendors shall exhibit courtesy and cooperation to customers and to other vendors selling at the market. 
  7. ALL PRICES SHALL BE PLAINLY DISPLAYED TO THE CUSTOMER. All displayed products must be individually labeled with name and price. 

Market Quality 

  1. This is a high quality market. Products must meet a quality acceptable to the Market Manager. Vendors are expected to leave their stall space clean and neat.


  1. Members are required to attend all CGM meetings. Members absent without notice are exempt from redress to policy changes or market rule changes made at said meeting.
  2. Vendors and customers may not bring pets into the winter market. 
  3. Each member must read, accept and fully understand the by-laws of the Coastal Growers Market. 
  4. The Market Manager has the authority to mediate and enforce the market rules.